“It’s been nearly a year as we finished my treatment and just wanted to say thank you again. Since then not just all my pain is gone, but few weeks ago started to run.I hope I won’t need this treatment ever again, but if I will, I will definitely come back just to you.”

Gabriella – (May 2020)

“I was really happy with the service and treatment from the doctor. He has an excellent understanding manner, made me feel at ease and took time to assess me holistically from other angles/avenues as well. I trust him and would definitely go to him again for treatment.”

HK – (July 2019)

“Has been struggling with plantar fascia for years, but thanks to shockwave therapy and particularly to the doctor, my condition is much better now, recovered almost completely already. The doctor is very professional and kind, explaining the whole process and always sure that patients are feeling as much comfort as it’s possible. The receptionist lady is incredibly nice and helpful too. She and the doctor, both of them are amazing. Huge thank you for them both.”

Gabriella – (May 2019)

“I came to the shockwave therapy clinic with a number of urological complaints. Mr Hanna and Dr Peter were more accommodating than any of the numerous urologists I had previously seen. They listened to everything I had to say and their service was far beyond anything I have experienced or expected. The treatment has been encouraging and I am seeing results with improved quality of erections. I couldn’t ask for much more.”

Mark – (March 2019)

“Having read about the new shockwave therapy for ED, I started to do some research and decided to use the services of Shockwave Therapy. The initial consultation was thorough and informative and I was made to feel at ease as I began the first of 6 treatment sessions. Although I didn’t notice a big improvement straight away, following my 4th session, there was a noticeable difference and I began to feel more confident with my partner. Having now completed the full six sessions, I can honestly say that it is worth the financial outlay and I am happy to recommend Mr Hanna and the doctor”

Gary – (June 2018)

“I had a course of treatments and all throughout that time I found Mr Hannah and the doctor are the most professional and courteous of individuals. They always answered any questions or concerns I had inside or outside of the consultation room. It’s early days for me on the efficacy of the treatment but I have undeniably noticed an improvement in my condition. If you are considering this treatment you will be well advised to consider this practice.”

G Edwards – (June 2018)

“Shock wave therapy, painless, and effective, would recommend to anyone, it works! Thanks, guys”

D. Rickhuss – (May – 2018)

“I was a bit sceptical about this procedure at the beginning, but I began to notice a change soon after commencement. The positive results significantly had a positive impact on my self-esteem. The doctors were very knowledgeable and approachable. Thank you.”

Anton – (April 2018)

“The treatment session lasts for 20 minutes and I had 6 sessions. After the 4th session, I had intercourse with my partner which was the best erection I have had in previous years. Apart from a strong erection I was able to make love a lot longer, I highly recommend this treatment.”

Ed – (March 2018)

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